lightless cell shaders for animation and modeling

lightless cell shaders for animation and modeling picture

Lightless cell shaders in Blender!

Created in Blender 2.8.

Created in Blender 2.79 and 2.8.

Moon Light Dance

Moon Light Dance picture

A girl dressed in galactic blue dancers beneath a fanciful moon. Created in Blender.

Print is available here:

Wild Girl

Wild Girl picture

Blender. Learned how to use the color ramp!


Girl and Ducks

Girl and Ducks picture

Blender 2.79 with Cycles render.


Little Girl

Six second video of a toddler girl, created in Blender. Music created in Musescore. A 3d rig was used with flat shading in Blender Internal to create a 2d look.

Blue-Green Merman

Created in Blender with flat shading and Freestyle outlines.

Ginger Mermaid

This mermaid is an actual 2D puppet, as opposed to using a 3D model to achieve a 2D look. Created in Blender.


This bird admires shiny things.

Penguin Fun

I wanted to make a cute, short animation, so I here are a couple of penguins doing a knock knock joke.

Suffolk Sheep

This little sheep is a return to 2D animation experimentation. Designed in Blender with assistance from GIMP.