More Pose Practice

Created in Blender with a 3D rig and 2D rendered with the Compositor.

A Parasol Story

Created in Blender.

Pose Practice

Created in Blender. Some of the early poses were from pictures online, the later ones were from pictures of myself posing.

Dona Nobis Pacem (Round)

The words mean "grant us peace". Created in Blender.

Animation with Freestyle lines

Short animation, created in Blender.

Goose Walk

Canada goose. Created in Blender

Ponies, Napping and Trotting

Ponies, Napping and Trotting picture

Sleepy pinto pony (gif), created in Blender.

Appaloosa trot cycle (video).

Atmospheric Shark

Atmospheric Shark picture

Blimplike in form and gentle in nature, this shark is nothing to fear!

Floating shark created in Blender.


Ovation picture

Gif version

Video version.

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl picture

Animated gif; created with Blender. The outlines are generated in the Compositer; the nodes are shown below.


Mermaid Hijinks

A mermaid leaps by a houseboat. Created with Blender..

Motion Demo with Shadeless Colors and Compositor Outlines

Blender motion test with compositor outlines

Puppy Jumping Animation

animation husky-corgi puppy compositor

Created in Blender.